Users will not be able to access the system until a user profile is created for them. They cannot self enrol.

To add individuals to a group select “Manage > Users and Groups” from the top menu, select the group you would like the users to be added to and click the “ADD USERS” button in the group panel. This will open a dialogue box where you can build a list of users to add to the group. Using a single field you can either search for existing users, or enter new users. As you type existing users will be suggested, you can select these to add them to the list or select the option with “(NEW)” to create a new user. When you select the new option you will be asked to complete the name and email address of the new user.

A screenshot of the Manage Users and Groups section with a cursor over the Add Users button

Users will need access to the specified email address in order to set their password and log in.

Once you have completed the list of users to add to the group click the “ADD USERS” button. The users will instantly be added to the group and will gain access to all the courses available to it.

If any new users were created during the process you will be asked if you would like to invite them now or later.

If you would like to add users to a new group see our article on Creating new groups.

Tip See our guides on Importing multiple users, Single Sign On, and Self Sign-up for ways of handling the addition of new user profiles in larger quantities.