If you are using dashboard images for your courses a great way to build on that branding and familiarisation with learners is to use those course images in your email templates as well.

To do this log into your chosen Organisation/Portal. From the top nav bar select the ORGANISATION drop down menu and select EMAIL TEMPLATES. From the email template list you are presented with select your chosen email template that you would like to edit. 

In this instance we have chosen to use the Assignment : Promotion template. When making edits to any email templates you first have to toggle off the USE DEFAULT TEMPLATE switch. Once we've done that go to the COURSE ITEM LIST tab where you will be able to see down the right hand side a list of usable tokens these basically link up to various features within Training Post and give more flexibility for any future changes. For example by adding {{APPLICATION_NAME}} within your email template will add the name of you Training Post. If the name of your application was to change in the future this change would be picked up automatically rather than you having to potentially amend 11 email templates. 

The token we are interested in is the one entitled {{COURSE_DASHBOARD_IMAGE_URL}}. We are going to use this in place of {{COURSE_HEADER_IMAGE_URL}} which you will see in the second line of code.

A screenshot of Training Post to highlight this line of code <img src="{{COURSE_HEADER_IMAGE_URL}}" /> 

Simply highlight and copy {{COURSE_DASHBOARD_IMAGE_URL}} from the token list, including it’s curly double brackets and replace the following {{COURSE_HEADER_IMAGE_URL}} in the line of code in your Training Post. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select SAVE to confirm your amendment. Should you have assignments setup for your students the dashboard image will now appear in the promotional emails.

Note: If you would like to default back to the original email template at any point simply select the text button underneath the panel you amended called RESET TO DEFAULT then save your email template.