For some courses you may wish to simplify what a Student sees and hide certain modules, tasks or other course elements that are linked within a course internally. For example you may wish to hide a module that displays a survey which might be presented after a module has been completed. 

To reveal these settings, first select the MANAGE drop down menu from the top navigation bar, then select COURSES. From the course list page that you are then presented with, select the course you would you like to work with. From the course page that follows, scroll down to the panel entitled "Modules", on the bottom right of this panel you will want to select the button called ENABLE ADVANCED OPTIONS. Once selected, a popup modal will appear with a warning message, if you are happy to proceed select the ENABLE ADVANCED OPTIONS button on this modal. 

Now go to the course module that you would like to hide and select the EDIT button to the right of that module. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Module panel where you will find the "Advanced Options", here you will find the option "Hide from learner module list" which is controlled by the toggle switch. Turn this switch on and select the SAVE button on the bottom right to confirm your choice. This module will then be hidden from learners. 

Note: Managers will still be able to see Report results from any hidden modules.