Users in the system can be given access to management or reporting functionality for select groups.

You can manage these permissions through two methods:

Through Training Post

You can see a list of all the users and groups in the system by selecting “Manage > Users and Groups” from the top menu.

Here you can select and existing or create a new group.

Selecting a group will update the view in the main panel of the page to show the selected group name at the top, and filtering the list of users to show only members of that group. 

To add or edit the selected manager or reporter roles in this group, click on "Management" view. Here you will be able to see a list of the users and their specified roles.

Select "ADD MANAGER" to add a new group user role. From the drop down menus, select the user and pick between Manage and Reporter role.

To edit management roles, select the user and you will then be taken to their profile page. From here, you can edit their role from the "Management Roles" panel by clicking on the "EDIT" button and selecting their new role as well as remove them from groups.

Through API

As an organisation owner, you can also use API clients to manage group managers and reporters. For further information on the API endpoints, click “READ THE DOCS”  from ORGANISATIONS > API INTERGRATIONS, and look under “Groups”, then “Show group managers”, “Add manager to group”, and “Remove manager from group”.