(from  24th October 2022)

Smart groups will automatically populate with users based on a set of rules. Group membership will update either when user information changes or when the group rules change. Membership updates may take a few minutes to complete.

Group rules based on the users email domain, or custom information fields - see here for more details.

You can create or manage a Smart Group, by clicking Manage and then Manage Users and Groups.

Here you can view all of the Groups and Smart Groups created and preview which users are part of them.

To create a new Smart Group, click on the NEW button, and from the drop down menu select Smart Group.

You will then be presented with a popup window with a Name field. Fill in the name you wish to call this new smart group.

You will then be taken to a new page, where you can set the rules for the new smart group.

In the first drop down menu, you can select which user field you want the group to be filtered by. 

Next, if you want the users in this group to be part of this specific answer to the user field (equal to) or not (is not).

The last drown down shows the specific answer you are using as a reference point.

Any and all users that have that user field filled in to these details will be includes in the Smart Group once created.

Click SAVE button to create the new group.

You can add multiple rules, and when multiple rules are in place you can choose if group membership requires "any" of the rules to be met or "all" of them.

You will then be taken back to the Manage Users and Groups page, where you will now see your new smart group and once it has finished synching, the users that qualify to the rules you have set up for the group.