By default Training Post only needs a name and password for a user.

If needed, owners can add additional fields to store more user related information, we call these "user information fields".

User information fields can be customised via the Organisation Menu.

You can specify up to 20 user information fields. 

Fields can either be a selection or free text entry.

Fields can either be restricted to owner visibility or user defined.

The user information fields page will show all fields, their type and indicate if they are user defined with the user icon.

Fields can be reordered with the order fields button and will shown to owners and other users in the order selected throughout the system : on user records, user account page (if user defined), exports.

Free Text Fields

Simply supply a label for the new field, and provide a description (v1.48) to help people fill the field correctly. 

Then decide if you would like users to define this field themselves or if it will only be available to management.

N.B. Where possible you should try to use select lists as they help remove inconsistency in user entered values. 

Selection Fields

Like free text fields you can set the label and description for the field as well as define if users may edit their own values. Selection fields also require you to provide the options for them to select from. You may add up to 20 options, and these can be dragged to order with the handles to the left of the option field.

Modifying user information fields

You can change the field label or description at any time without affecting existing user data.

You can reorder the fields without editing user without affecting existing user data.

You change order of selection options without affecting existing user data.

Please note:

If you edit the value of a selection option all user data will be updated to the new value.

If you delete a field all related data will be removed from all users.