It is difficult for a computer to know if a user has read a document. By default pdf content will be marked as viewed as soon as the user opens it.

If you require users to confirm they have read and understood the document you can add a "Learner Confirmation" screen to the module.

The Learner Confirmation feature gives the user a chance to confirm that they fully understand the contents in the module before setting the module's status as "Completed". If they do not confirm at this stage the status will be left as "In Progress" (e.g. taking a break from reading the contents; not understanding the content; accidentally closing the module window). 

Tip: This feature is only available on Provider Courses that have Organisation Modules enabled. Please ask your Provider for a full list of Provider Courses that have Organisation Modules enabled, and see our guide on Adding Organisation Modules to Provider Courses.

Enabling Learner Confirmation

You can enable Learner Confirmation by navigating to "Manage > Courses". Click a Provider Course that has Organisation Modules enabled. Under the Organisation Modules section, you can add an Organisation Module to include Learner Confirmation or click EDIT next to an existing Organisation Module. In the following page, there will be a section titled Learner Confirmation.

By default, the Learner Confirmation toggle will be set to disabled when adding a new Organisation Module. Set the toggle to enabled to show the text fields that will be displayed to the user on the confirmation modal. These mandatory fields are:

  • Text field is the main body of text shown in the confirmation modal. Use this modal state to explain what will happen when the user clicks the confirm button. This field has a 255 character limit
  • Confirm Button Text field is the text shown on the confirm button. This field has a 32 character limit
  • Close Button Text field is for the button that will close the modal and leave the Organisation Module's status as In Progress. This field has a 32 character limit

Tip: These fields have default text set for them.

Once you are satisfied with the text, click SAVE. The next time a user opens and then closes this module, they will be presented with the Learner Confirmation modal that will ask them to confirm or decline that they agree with the confirmation text. 

Disabling Learner Confirmation

The process to remove Learner Confirmation is similar to enabling it on an Organisation Module. Click EDIT next to an Organisation Module. Under the Learner Confirmation section, set the Enable toggle to disabled then click SAVE. The next time the user opens and then closes the module, they will not be presented with the confirmation modal, and the module's status will immediately be set to Viewed.