You may need to include material or documents specific to your needs within a course, for example declaration forms. Adding your required material into your Organisation Courses is fine, as you have control over the content. But what about Provider Courses?

Your Training Post Provider can enable Organisation Modules to Provider Courses (at the Provider’s discretion). Please contact your Training Post Provider in order to discuss which Provider Courses allow Organisation Modules.

In order to add Organisation Modules, navigate to the Provider Course’s property page. If you can see the Organisation Modules panel under the Provider Modules panel, then you are able to add your own modules to the Provider Course. At the moment, this is limited to adding only PDF-type modules.

Click “ADD MODULE”, and select PDF. Add a title and a description text, and upload the PDF. Click “SAVE” to complete the module addition process and begin the file upload process. Repeat this process until you have the required amount of Organisation Modules for the Provider Course.

Note: Learners must view all modules in the course to achieve completion status - including additional organisation material.