Occasionally, Providers will need direct access to an Organisation for troubleshooting. Support users (which are different to the Contact Support set up during the Organisation's creation) can be created by Providers in order to gain Organisation Owner-level access to an organisation. 

In the Organisation’s profile page, click “EDIT” in the Support Users panel. In the “Manage Support Users” page, click “ADD SUPPORT USER”. Enter details for your support account, and then click “SAVE”. Next, navigate to the Organisation’s login page and request a password reset for the Support user’s account. You will now be able to log into that Organisation.

You can edit existing Support users by clicking “EDIT”. You can delete existing Support users by clicking “DELETE”.

NB Support users will not be visible in the Organisation’s user list,  they cannot be put into groups or assigned content and therefore cannot launch content as a learner. They do not count towards the Organisation’s seat count.