From the Provider Dashboard you will be presented with a list of Organisations that you have setup. If you haven’t set up an Organisation yet see our article on Creating a new Organisation.

To edit an Organisation’s details select the “DETAILS” button to the right of the Organisation you wish to edit. From the Organisation’s profile page that follows select the “EDIT” button from the Information panel. This will then take you to a section where you are able to edit the following details for that Organisation:

  • Name - the company name as used on the site and in emails

  • Subdomain - providing the name is still unique 

  • Seats Purchased - adjust the amount of users the Organisation has available

  • Limit courses - Allow unlimited Courses or add a Course Limit

  • Support Contact - update the Support contact Name and Email 

Ensure that you save any changes by selecting the “SAVE” button at the bottom right.