You can add a new Organisation by selecting the “ADD ORGANISATION” button on the Provider Dashboard. In the page that follows lets breakdown the details:

  • Name - this is the company name as used on the site and in emails.

  • Subdomain - this must be a unique name that will be added to the domain name of the training. For example {subdomain} (note there may be restrictions on the subdomain used if you are in a product trial).

  • Seats Purchased - the number of seats the Organisation would like to purchase. The number you add in this field will then apply to how many users the organisation can add. If you wish to remove the limit, please contact Can Studios to discuss your Provider plan.

Limit courses

By default the toggle switch is set to allow unlimited courses. If you choose to limit this simply switch the ”Allow Unlimited Courses” toggle switch off. In the text field that appears enter the amount of courses you wish the Organisation to have.

Organisation Owner 

Into the next two text fields that follow enter the Organisation Owners Name and email address. This will then be used to create the first Organisation Owner user. 

From this section you can also choose to send an invitation to this Owner when the Organisation is created. To do this select the checkbox beside the text “Send an invitation to the owner when this organisation is created?”.

Support Contact 

You will then be asked to fill in a Support name and Support email address. These details are not attached to a user in the system. These are used as a contact for support via that Organisation in order to benefit its users.

Include default courses

This toggle switch controls whether you would like to include or exclude the Default Provider Courses when creating this organisation. By default, this is set to exclude Provider Courses. It will also indicate how many courses will be included. If you wish to tailor specific courses for your chosen Organisation you can do so by leaving this toggle switch off and adding Provider Courses to the Organisation at a later date. 

Including the default Provider Courses will also automatically publish them. This does not automatically make the courses visible in the Course Library area.

Available in Course Library

In addition to including the default courses, you can also choose to automatically make the courses available in the Course Library area on the setup of the Organisation. This will make them available to the ‘All Users’ group, ensuring that all users of that organisation have access to them. This toggle switch is turned off by default. To include this feature select the toggle switch to turn it on.

Please note that after this initial setup, manually enabling a Provider Course on an Organisation will only publish the course and not automatically make a Provider Course available in the Course Library area. An Organisation will then need to make that Provider Course available to users.

Completing Organisation setup

When you have finished adding all your details select the “SAVE” button to complete Setup. You will then be taken back to the Provider Dashboard where you can see the Organisation you just set up. From the Organisation list that you are presented with you can also click the LOGIN button to view the Organisation created.