Access to a course is managed by making it available to user groups. When adding or editing a course you can select the user group(s) you wish to make it available to.


To see which courses each group has access to:

  • Select “Manage > Users and Groups” from the top menu then select the group from the groups panel.
  • Click the “Courses” tab in the main panel of the page to see a list of all the courses available to that group.

To change which groups have access to a course there are two methods.

Method one:

  • Go to “Manage > Users and Groups” on the top menu. 
  • In the first panel select a group; then in the main panel select the “Courses” tab. 
  • To change a course’s availability to that group, select that group's toggle switch from the Course list.

Method two:

  • Go to “Manage > Courses” on the top menu. 
  • Select a course by clicking on the course row.
  • Click the “MANAGE AVAILABILITY” button on the availability panel, then select which groups that course should be available to by using the toggle switches.

To make a course available to everyone in the system, select the All users group in the Group availability panel.

As soon as the changes are saved the course will be visible to all the members of the selected groups in the Course Library.

Users may be members of several groups, and on their personal homepage, a user will see all the courses that are available to them across all the groups they are a member of. However, if a course is available to more than one of the groups they are in, they will only see it listed once.