Users in the system can be organised into user groups as a way to control which users can see which courses in the Course Library, and to allow filtering when viewing reports. Training Post allows you to create up to 2,000 concurrent groups and users can be in as many different groups as necessary.

By default the system contains a single “All users” group. Every user is automatically added to this group when they are created.

The user groups can be seen and managed by selecting “Manage > Users and groups” from the top menu. The groups panel is the first panel on this page.

Selecting a group will update the view in the main panel of the page to show the selected group name at the top, and filtering the list of users to show only members of that group. 

You can add users to the group by either using the “ADD USERS” button or “IMPORT USERS” button. You can also rename or delete the group by using the “ACTIONS” button at the top of the main panel.

Here you will be able to also add and edit the management functionality of your selected users. For more information, have a look at this article on Setting up group manager and reporter roles.