When a user is added to the platform, either individually or via CSV import, the default behaviour is for them to be invited to login automatically. Be sure to untick the “Send Invitation” option if you want to invite them later.

To invite users at a later date select “Manage > User and Groups” from the top menu.

Invite multiple users

If there are any users who have not been invited and have not yet logged in, then a “SEND INVITATIONS” button will be shown at the top of the manage Users and groups page, with an indication of how many learners are yet to be invited. 

When you click the “SEND INVITATIONS” button a window will open showing an example of the invitation email which will be sent and asking you to confirm the action.

Invite individual users

To send an invitation to an individual user rather than inviting all uninvited users (or if you need to send someone a repeat invitation) you can select the user from the Manage users and groups page and click the “SEND INVITATION” button on the user’s profile page.