Users will not be able to access the system until you add them. They cannot self enrol.

To add multiple users at once by uploading a CSV file. To do this select Manage > Users and groups from the top menu - here you will see an “IMPORT USERS” button. 

NB Import is context sensitive: The users will be added to whichever group you have selected (highlighted in the groups panel) when you click the “IMPORT USERS” button.

You can quickly add existing (along with any new users) to a specific group by using a CSV import. 

NB When members are added to a child group they automatically become a member of the parent groups above it. Find out more about group hierarchies.

When you import an existing user (identified by the email address) to add them to a group, if any difference in other details is detected (eg in spelling of their name), Training Post it will update their user profile to match the new import. 

If you re-import a user (email address) to the same group, providing there are no differences in the name, they will be ignored. No duplicate will be created.

A CSV file for import should follow these simple rules:

  • no header row

  • one row per user

  • single field (column) for the full name

  • field (column) for the email address

  • use UTF-8 format (just pick this option when exporting). 

Example user CSV file contents:

Joe Bloggs,

Jane Smith,

Sam Jones,

By default the system will invite users when they are created, or added to a new group, with the import process. If you wish you can untick the “Send Invitation” option and send the invitations later.