You can see a list of all the users in the system by selecting “Manage > Users and Groups” from the top menu. This will show the default “All users” group.

The list shows when each user last accessed the system. If they have not used the system the list will indicate whether they have or have not been invited yet.

(Users in the system can be organised into user groups as a way to control which users can see which courses, and to allow filtering when viewing reports. Find out more in Managing groups.)

User profile

By selecting a user from the manage users list will take you to that user’s profile page.  

User details

The user details panel shows:

  • name

  • email address

  • date added

  • role - indicates whether the user has the additional permissions of a reporter or an owner, or if they are just a user

  • state - indicates if the user is active or suspended.

You can select the “EDIT” button here to change these details and whether the user receives reminder notifications.

The panel also shows which groups the user is a member of. You can remove the user from each group by clicking the bin icon next to the group name. It is not possible to remove a user from the default group, all users.

Activity panel

The activity panel shows:

  • when the user was last active 

  • when they were last invited. 

You can use the “SEND INVITATION” button in this panel to send an email to the user which will let them set a password so that they can login. This email can also include a personalised message should you like to add one.

Delete panel

By selecting the "DELETE" button you can choose to remove the user from your system.