Release 1.68 (4th December 2023)


  • NEW : Group Report now offers different scopes (#2414)
    • Course Library
    • All Assignments
    • One option for each assignmento
  • NEW:  Courses are no longer have the mandatory requirement of including a SCORM module. (#1724)
    • Courses can be as simple as a single PDF or an embedded item.
    • To allow this we have removed the course creation wizard.
  • FIX :  Expired exports from the group report are cleaned up more frequently. (#2365)
  • FIX :  Password resets requests are now rate limited. (#2385)
  • FIX :  Corrected the colour of the 'respond' button. (#2383)
  • FIX :  Corrected the colour of the 'not started' status throughout the system. (#2396)
  • FIX :  Corrected a scenario where the Group Report would incorrectly show attempts as "Awaiting Response" (#2396)
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