Release 1.30 (28th September 2021)


  • NEW : users can now set expiry dates on API tokens up to 10 years (#1014).
  • NEW : improved progress indicator on SCORM uploads (#1045).
  • NEW : improvements to make the organisation table easier to use (#951)
  • NEW : Can now choose which scorm module in a course shows its score on reports and certificates (#1052)
  • NEW : New module type : PDF document (#1037). See below.
  • NEW : New module type : Discussion (#1033). See below.
  • NEW : Providers can add metadata to organisations through the API (#990)
  • FIXED : Incorrect help text on seats purchased field (#1058)


  • NEW : users can now set expiry dates on API tokens up to 10 years (#1013)
  • NEW : Provider Course UUIDs are shown on courses listed through the organisation API (#1042)
  • FIXED : Typo on course popup (#1046)
  • FIXED : Certificates show 0% if no score saved (#1079, #1090)
  • FIXED : Course preview doesn't show results unless screen is refreshed (#1079)
  • FIXED : Performance improvement saving SCORM data (#1073)
  • FIXED : Users can now download attempt data (#982)

New Module Types:

Recent releases have allowed providers to create courses from multiple scorm modules. This release add support for two new module types for course providers - they can be added by users with provider accounts and shared with organisations as part of a course. Organisations can view and assign the courses as usual but they cannot add these types themselves (yet).


PDF Modules

Providers can now add PDF Documents as new modules in courses (the file is uploaded and stored in Training Post) and can have titles and descriptions.

Discussion Modules

Providers can now add ReplyBox discussions as new modules in courses, requires separate ReplyBox account to be linked at the provider level.