Release 1.66 (19th October 2023)



  • NEW : Courses now support a dashboard image of up to 512px by 512px. (#1230)
  • NEW : Improved learner dashboard design, including support for course images. (#1230)

  • NEW : Improved design of the statuses on  course details pages for both learners and managers. (#2212)
  • NEW : APIs endpoints for adding and removing group managers. (#2253)
  • NEW : Mandatory fields are now indicated when managing courses. (#2222)
  • FIX : using the back button to navigate between courses in the same window would operate in the wrong context. (#2232)
  • FIX : groups can no longer  be assigned a parent group (deprecated feature) via the API. (#2281)
  • FIX : Incorrect time was shown for when promotional emails would be sent (#2281)
  • FIX : Last completed date should not update when the course is reopened. (#2221)
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