Release 1.64 (2nd August 2023)


  • NEW: It is now possible to identify users with a group management role.
  • NEW: There is now an indication if a manager is not viewing the latest attempt. (#2209)
  • NEW: Advanced courses can now submit learner tasks through the same JS object as used to request course progress information. (#2184)
  • NEW: The system now supports longer user group names.(#2220)
  • NEW: API Expiry warning now indicates which Key has expired. (#1109)
  • FIX : Self sign up form defaults input to the second field. (#1767)
  • FIX : Certificates expiry warning was in the wrong place on the course information page. (#2189)
  • FIX: User deletions  no longer take up to a minute to complete (#2188)
  • FIX: API end point for user courses now includes courses they have access to but have not started.(#2227)
  • FIX: API end point for add user group: parent id is now optional (parent ids should not be used and cause issues) we have left the field optional but values will always be stored as '1' ("all users").(#2224)
  • FIX: Removed the text "loading content" between course modules (reducing clutter).(#2218)
  • FIX: Group reports are now filtered by group and assignment when accessed via the group assignment report button. (#2194)
  • FIX: Text fields missing cosmetic padding. (#2206)
  • FIX: Learner tasks were showing an internal reference instead of a readable label.(#2223)
  • FIX: Grammar in help text.(#2234)
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