Release 1.60 (30th May 2023)



  • NEW : Organisation owners can now see a log of SSO errors to help diagnose setup issues. (#1872)
  • NEW : Users can now be authenticated into an organisation via a JWT, effectively creating a single sign on workflow. (#2118)
  • NEW : Organisations can store public JWT keys in Training Post via API, for JWT authentication. (#2117)
  • NEW : Managers can now mark a learner task as complete without having to leave a comment. (#2115)
  • FIX : There was an edge case where occasionally an assignment could have the same course listed twice. (#2090)
  • FIX : The weekly assignment report email was showing different information to the group report in some situations. (#2131)
  • FIX : Edge case would result in the assignment reminder email not sending to the last user in the batch sometimes. (#2125)
  • FIX : Email preview would show the current user, not the recipient, now shows a placeholder. (#2089)
  • FIX : Task list would not update statuses after marking large number of tasks. (#2138)
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