Release 1.57 (2nd February 2023)

This release includes further support for larger organisations and a new module type: Learner Task.

Read more about learner tasks here:


  • NEW : Learner Task Module Type. (#1953)
  • FIX: Missing language string when editing group report email template. (#2034)


  • NEW : Learner Task Module Type. (#1953)
  • NEW: Group report export now works for up to 10,000 users and 50 courses. (#1989)
  • NEW:  Sending of assignment weekly report email now copes with up to 10,000 users. (#1925)
  • NEW:  Organisations now support up to 2000 user groups. (#1999)
  • FIX : Group reporters/managers unable to filter group report by some assignments. (#2029)
  • FIX: Assignment links in the weekly report are redirected to the all users group report. (#2035)
  • FIX: Links in group reporter weekly email should link to report filtered by the relevant group. (#2030)
  • FIX: Group reporters can access data they should under certain conditions (#2021)
  • FIX: Assignment mouseover text is only displayed for user attempts on group assignments whose groups that the user is managing. (#1962)
  • FIX: Improve import performance with custom user fields.  (#1965)
  • FIX:  The maximum number of rules for any smart group is now 4. (#1964)
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