Release 1.53 (29th November 2022)

Much of this release has been focused on behind the scenes improvements to allow existing features to work faster or for larger numbers of user, groups and assignments.


  • FIX : Providers with trial accounts should be able to change the subdomain of their portals. (#1812)


  • FIX : Smart groups rules based on email check for duplicate '@' symbol. (#1764)
  • FIX : Each certificate expiry date on the attempt details page should match its own attempt not the latest. (#1784)
  • FIX : Certificates sometimes show wrong score - race condition. (#1796)
  • NEW :  The number of users in an import has been temporarily lowered to 150. (#1801)
  • NEW : The users on the course report are now paginated. (#1755)
  • NEW : Users roles can now be changed via API. (#1720)
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