Release 1.49 (29th September 2022)

New Provider Course Design Workflow:

This release brings a significant refactor of the provider workflow for creating courses. This works much more like the organisation course builder, bringing the feature of both together.

When changes are made to provider courses the system does not synchronise them to existing organisations until the provider requests it.

Self Sign Up:

Organisation owners can configure their portal to allow learners to self-signup. Self sign up is restricted to email addresses from one or more domains. Self signup users receive an email to set their password which will activate their account. If they don't activate the account within the expiry time their account is removed.


  • NEW : Improved course design workflow (epic).
  • NEW : Improved course category interface (#1533).
  • NEW : Course sync command (#1562).
  • NEW : Improved interface to set default courses. (#1548)
  • NEW : Providers can preview courses modules.  (part of epic)
  • NEW : Courses support a typical time to complete (manual) field. (#1593)
  • NEW : Provider courses support embedded content. (part of epic)


  • NEW: Self sign up. (#1590)
  • FIXED : Unable to add users to an assignment if there is a suspended user in it (#1672)
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