Release 1.40 (5th April 2022)


  • New : Managers can now create a "promotional" email for an assignment and specify a date to send it. (#1302)
  • New : Indication of how to set assignment reminder dates. (#1350)
  • Fixed : Managers can no longer send reminders for expired assignments (#1331)
  • Fixed : Some invalid urls were giving the wrong type of error. (#1342)
  • Fixed : Minor corrections to UI button labels and colours. (#1342)
  • Fixed : Users are now shown an error if they have left date fields empty on assignments. (#1359)


  • New : Providers can now completely customise all emails from they system. (#1313 & more)
  • New : Providers can now use their provider API to create temporary API tokens to access the organisation API . (#1057)
  • Fixed : Providers can no longer create duplicate subdomains with the same reseller domain using the reseller API (#943)
  • Fixed : Help link in the provider area now links directly to the provider support pages. (#1360)
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