From 1.62

Sometimes, learners may have finished an elearning module, yet it's still marked as ongoing in Training Post. This could be due to network problems, or because the entire SCORM course has not been fully viewed, causing the module to appear incomplete.

Managers can see a learners progress though the modules of a course when they click on a cell in the group report. From this view they can manually mark an elearning module as completed if it's currently shown as either  'Not Started' or 'In Progress'. This button, labeled 'Set Complete', is only accessible by users with managment premission over the specified learner  (this might be a system managers, owner, or group managers who have access to one or more groups with the given user). Reporters without group manager access cannot access this feature.

Clicking 'Set Complete' will open a new page with a form. The form will display the following details:

   - Learner name

   - Course name

   - Module name

   - Assignment name (if any)

There's a menu to choose the new status for the module. This will default to 'Not Started' or 'In Progress', depending on the current module status. You can then choose 'Complete' or 'Passed'. There is also an optional field to set the score, where you can enter a percentage score between 0 and 100. The 'Complete' and 'Passed' statuses are equivalent to Training Post, but different courses may use either value. So the choice is really to match the status of other users. 

If you click 'Save', a confirmation message will warn you that the status change is irreversible. The user may have to restarting the course if they want to access the material again depending on other settings.

If you choose 'Yes', the status of the module will be updated and recorded as manually updated in the database. If a score has been provided, it will also be set. If the updated module was the last one to be completed, the status of the full course will be updated accordingly. After the update, you will be returned to the refreshed status view page.