Billing for Training Post will depend on what pricing plan you've chosen. The two types are:

  • Standard user pricing - charges based on the total number of users within your Training Post portals each month regardless of activity. This can be cost-effective if you expect each user to log in more than four months of the year.
  • Active user pricing - charges based on the number of active users in your Training Post portals each month. Active users are counted as users who log into Training Post at least once within the month.

Whichever pricing plan works best for you, you will certainly find the Seats Assigned table useful to see the total number of seats assigned across all organisations or the number of Active Users at the end of each month depending on your relevant plan. This table can be viewed from the top nav bar and click BILLING.   

NB The current month shows the current value, which may change by the end of the month.

An example of Seat Assigned table