(From 1.57 Feb 2023)

The status of any course that has at least one task can be viewed through Group Reports.

If there is too much data on your system to display, use the filters to narrow down.

Here Manager/Tutor can view the progress each learner has made with the set task. 

To view a specific learner's progress and module breakdown, click on their specific cell in the report. You will then be taken to their summary page. Orange means that the tasks is awaiting to be reviewed.

If the learner has not yet submitted a file for their assigned task, the REVIEW button will be disabled.

Once the learner has uploaded a file for the task, the REVIEW button will become available and the Manager/Tutor will be able to give feedback and review the file the learner has submitted.

Here the Manager/Tutor can download the task file uploaded by the learner as well as a marking guide for the task.

They can also add a response text as feedback to the learner on their task. 

Once the Manager/Tutor is done with the task review, the feedback will be submitted and marked as COMPLETE for the learner to review. It is not possible to submit any feedback to the learner without this being marked as complete.

Once a response has been submitted it can't be changed.

The response applies only to the current task submission. If the learner restarts the course, they will need to resubmit the task, therefore the Manager/Tutor will need to respond again.