The status of a group of learners can be viewed by clicking on Report > Group Reports from the top navigation menu. 

If there is too much data on your system to display, use the filters panel to narrow down. 

Here the Manager/Tutor can view the progress each learner has made. If a learner has completed a task the cell will display in yellow, to show that action is needed. 

To view a specific learner's progress along with a module breakdown, click on the individual's cell within the report. You will then be taken to the summary page for that learner. 

TIP: hovering over the report cells will show you more information about the current status of that user.

If the learner has not yet submitted a file for an assigned task, the RESPOND button will have a grey outlined circle next to it.

Once the learner has uploaded a file for that task, the RESPOND button will show as yellow with a clock icon next to it, to indicate it is ready for review. The Manager/Tutor will then be able to give feedback and review the file that the learner has submitted.

By clicking on the RESPOND button the Manager/Tutor will be taken to the details page for that task. Here they can download the file that has been submitted by the learner, as well as view the marking guide for that task. Feedback can be added in the Response section. Once the Manager/Tutor has finished their review, click on the RESPOND AND MARK COMPLETE button to submit and mark that task as completed. 

On the page that follows, the task button will then display as COMPLETE in green with a tick icon next to it.

The learner will then see a green REVIEW button with a tick icon next to this task. By clicking this button they will be able to view the feedback given. 

NB: Once a response has been submitted for a task this will then mark that task as complete. This action cannot be amended after this point. 

However, if a learner restarts the course, they will need to resubmit a file for the task, therefore the Manager/Tutor will need to respond again.

If there are other tasks within the course this process will need to be repeated for those tasks to ensure the course completes.