(From 1.57 Feb 2023)

If a course contains a learner task module, as a learner you will be able to see this under Course Content.

The learner tasks is identifiable by a configurable icon set by the module creator. Here the Example Task 2 is the learner task.

To open the task, select the START button. This will change to RESUME once the module has been opened, and then it will change to VIEW once the file has been submitted. 

When a task is opened, its status will change to IN PROGRESS. On this page, you can upload your work file related to the task at hand. Any file type is allowed. 

After the file has been uploaded, the status will change to BEING REVIEWED. 

It is not possible to remove an uploaded file, however it is possible to change the file by uploading a new one while the status is at BEING REVIEWED.

Once the Manager/Tutor has reviewed the submitted task file, the status will change to COMPLETE. At this point it will no longer be possible to change the task file.

Use the VIEW button to open and view any feedback given by the Manager/Tutor.