Below you will find some of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn't covered in our support area feel free to raise it as a ticket and one of the team will be sure to help you answer it.

Can I use my own domain?

Custom domains are supported on the "Plus" plan and above. The domain can’t be used for anything else as we need to be free to create sub-domains on demand for new client portals. We can register a domain for you (for the least hassle), or you can buy your own which will require you to work with our technical team to configure some DNS settings.

Will the content I upload during my trial be kept when I subscribe?

If you choose to subscribe to Training Post the content you created in your trial will be carried over. 

I have made courses in the provider area but my learners can't see them. Why?

First, ensure your course is Published in the Manage Availability panel. Then use the toggle switches to allow access to the group of users required. This could either be a group of users specifically chosen. Or you could give all users in the system access with the All Users toggle.

My client can't add any more users to their organisation - what do I need to do?

The number of users allowed to be created is “Seats purchased” which you can edit in the first “information” panel on the organisation page.

As a provider can I limit how many users in a client portal have access to a course once it is shared with the portal?

This is not really something covered in Training Post. If an organisation has access to a course, and the organisation has a manager in their portal then they are in control of course assignment numbers. The options would be:        

  1. keep control as a provider and only give the client reporting level users.        
  2. bill retrospectively if they use the course.