If you modify any part of a course that has been shared with an Organisation you will see a synchronise notification on the course details page.

Note: if you have uploaded a file You will only be able to synchronise the course once the file has finished importing.

Once ready you will see a "SYNCHRONISE NOW" button, click this to begin the course synchronisation - this will distribute the changes to all organisations with access to the course.

You will not be able to edit or delete any of the course modules during this process.

Once the synchronisation is complete, the page will automatically update, the notice will be removed and you can edit the course again.

Note: this function is to bring existing shared courses up to date. An organisation getting access to a course for the first time will get the latest version. The sync button will show as existing share will still need updating.

Further note: Changes to uploaded files take effect immediately - they synchronisation message applies only to course and module properties.