You can now enable self sign-up for Training Post Organisations, allowing users to create their own accounts.

By default, this feature is turned off. You will need to set this up for the users of your Organisation.

To do this, from the dashboard, go to "Organisation" and select "Self Sign-Up".

It will take you to the Self Sign-Up setup page.

Here you can use the toggle to enable Self Sign-Up. You can also add any instructions for users. Next, you will need to set the domain which controls the email address that users can sign up with. Should you like more than one domain leave a return between each, as seen below.

Note: email domains should be entered one per line. There is no need for @ or http e.g.:

Click the "SAVE" button once you are happy with everything.

Users will then have a SIGN UP button made available to them on the login page.

Next, the user can fill in the required fields with their name and company email address that matches the domain that was entered earlier during setup.

They will then be sent an email so that they can set up a password. Once complete, they will then be able to log into the Training Post Organisation.