Creating a course with more than one module

When creating a module within your organisation there will be a wizard to assign it a name, description, SCORM object and availability. 

Once completing the wizard, on the course details page there will be an ADD MODULE button which will allow you to run through the wizard again adding a new module to the existing course. Once you have uploaded your file and saved the new module you will be taken back to the course details page where your new module will be shown. 

You will also be able to preview the uploaded modules independently on the course details page by clicking PREVIEW. This will launch the modules SCORM course in a new popup window. 

Deleting a module

As an organisation owner it will be possible for you to remove modules one at a time by clicking on their DELETE button in the module list. Deleting a module cannot be undone, so you will be asked to confirm this action.

You cannot delete the first module uploaded as this would leave the course without any launchable content.

Please note: when a module is removed all learner data relating to the module will also be removed. 

Editing a module

As an organisation owner you can edit the course module by clicking the EDIT button for that module on the course details page which will allow you to replace the SCORM object. Replacing a module will cause the upload wizard window to show with a module upload field. From here, please replace the file and confirm the change by clicking the SAVE button. This will then show you the progress of the new SCORM zip being created, imported and then complete. To confirm the changes please click the SAVE button again, this will redirect you back to the course details page.

Changing module order

Clicking the REORDER MODULES button will open a dialogue where you drag the modules into the order you would like.

Notes about course completion and scoring

Course completion requires all modules to be completed.

Course completion is calculated when each user attempts the course. Adding and removing modules will not re-evaluate existing course statuses. For example, if a learner completes a course when it has one module and then a second module is added the learners progress will still be shown as complete. However on restarting they will have to complete both modules to complete the course.

The score shown for a course (in reports and on the course certifcate) is based on the first elearning object uploaded.