For the users in charge of monitoring other users’ assignment progress, keeping track of the assignments that are active and pending can become time consuming. This becomes more apparent when you are creating large volumes of assignments. Some of these assignments may have been created to become available for a future date or even have different availability durations, further increasing the amount of details you would need to remember.

Training Post can send out a weekly report reminder email to Reporter and Owner-type users. This email will contain a list of currently active assignments, as well as recently expired assignments (up to a week prior to next Monday 13:00 UTC). 

The list will show the assignment’s due date (if set), a breakdown of assigned users’ current assignment progress, and a link to the assignment’s report.

Tip The weekly report reminder email shown above is the default template. This may look different depending on your provider.

Setting up assignments

Including an assignment in the weekly report reminder is simple. By default, all created assignments will have the “Weekly Report” toggled on. To find this toggle, navigate to the details page of the assignment that you wish to send the weekly reminders for. Select EDIT ASSIGNMENT, and toggle on the “Weekly Report”. Select SAVE”.

Toggle off “Weekly Report” to exclude the assignment from the weekly report.

Setting up users

In addition to having at least one assignment with Weekly Report enabled, the reminder email will only be sent out when at least one Owner or Reporter has enabled the reminders to be sent to them. This setting can be found in two areas:


User account

An Owner or Reporter can enable or disable whether the reminder email is sent to them. Click the user meeple icon, and select “Manage Notifications”. Reporter and Owner users will have an additional toggle labelled “Assignment Reports”. Toggle on “Assignment Reports”, then select SAVE. You will now receive the email notification every Monday at 13:00 UTC. If you do not want to receive the reminder, toggle this setting off.

Manage user notifications

Owner users can modify which notifications other users can receive. Select “Manage >  Users and Groups”. Search and select the user that you wish to enable notifications for. In the user’s details page, select “EDIT”. Toggle on “Assignment Reports”, then select SAVE.

To summarise, in order to receive the weekly reminder about assignments you will need to:

  • enable the Weekly Report toggle on any assignments that you wish to receive a notification on and 
  • toggle on the Assignment Reports toggle in your Manage Notifications area.