The course area will be the first page that all users see when they log in. Your users will be able to view and access all courses that have been assigned to them. Courses can be made visible to the user in a few ways, and the course area is split into sections to reflect this. 

NB The progress of courses that appear in multiple sections are independent of each other e.g. completing a course from an assignment will not affect the progress of the same course in the Course Library and other assignments.

Assigned Courses

Users that have been given an assignment will be be shown all of the assignment's related courses. This section is shown at the top of the page when there the user has an assignment. There isn't a limit to the number of courses that can be shown in this section.

Course Library

Courses that have been made available to specific groups via Course Library Availability will appear in the Course Library section. This section appears after the assigned courses section. Courses within this section will remain available to the user until the the Organisation owner removes the user from all groups that would have access to the course or disables course availability for all groups related to the user.

Sorting and filtering courses

Depending on how you schedule your course content delivery, the user may end up having dozens of courses to complete. The user can filter and sort through their courses using the "FILTER" function at the top of each section.

Tip Each section's courses can be independently sorted and filtered.

All sections have access to:

  • Sort -  Arrange courses in a certain order (Last activity; Name (A to Z); Category (Z to A); Certificate expiration; Status).
  • Filter by Category - Show only courses that have a specific course category.
  • Filter by Status - Show only courses that have a specific status (Not Started; In Progress; Passed/Completed; Failed)

By default, the Course Library section is sorted and arranged alphabetically, and the assignment related courses are sorted and arranged by "Due" date. The "Due" date sort is ordered as follows:

  1. Assignment courses that have yet to be completed at least once and are part of assignments with due dates that have passed are at the top of the list. Multiple late assignments will be further sorted by their due dates and assignment titles.
  2. Assignment courses that have yet to be completed at least once and are part of assignments with Due dates that have yet to pass follow after late assignments.
  3. Assignment courses that do not have due dates follow after.
  4. Assignment courses that have been completed at least once appear

The Assigned Courses area can also be filtered by specific assignment names and to show expired assignments.