A user may have launched a course multiple times. In some cases, you may wish to see more than just the best or most recent attempts. You can view all attempts for course that a user may have taken by either:

  • Navigating to "Reports > Course Reports". Select a course, then select a user.
  • Navigating to "Reports  > User Reports". Select a user, then select a course that the user has taken.

This will take you to the Attempt Details page for that user and course combination. 

From the Attempt Details page, you will be shown a list of all launched attempts that the user has taken and the following details:

  • Started: The date that the attempt was launched.
  • Type: This shows where the attempt was launched from. This can be either from an Assignment or the Course Library. If the attempt is from an assignment, you can see the assignment's name by hovering the mouse over the word "Assignment"
  • Status: This will be either In Progress, Passed, Completed, or Failed. If the attempt was launched after the Due Date, then a Late icon will be displayed next to the status for that attempt.
  • Score: For assessed courses, the score will be displayed as a percentage.
  • Last Activity: This is the date that the course was last launched and when progress was made.
  • Certificate Expiry: For courses that give certificates with a limited validity period, this shows the last date that the certificate remains valid. Expired certificates will display a warning icon.
  • Other: You can download additional data in the final column. If a certificate is available, you can download it and print it out for the user. For Support-type users, you can also download the course attempt's data file.

If the course is available to the user through the Course Library, then you can also edit the number of attempts the user can have for the Course Library version of the course. If the user is part of a specific assignment for this course, the attempts they have for it can also be edited here.

Click EDIT to open the "Edit Remaining Attempts" modal. Enter a new value and then click SAVE. You can allow for unlimited attempts by leaving the field blank.