If your organisation uses Active Directory you can enable (SSO) Single Sign On with Training Post to make it easier for users to access their learning materials.

Setting up your Active Directory service.

To set up your Active Directory to function with Training Post you will need to log into your Active Directory with an Administrative role. 

NB The examples below use Azure Active Directory - the interface may be different with an alternative Active Directory service.

Create an application for Training Post:

  1. In Azure Active Directory, click “View” under “Manage Azure Active Directory”.

  2. In the left hand menu, click “Enterprise applications”. 

  3. Select “New application”.

  4. Click “Create your own application”.

  5. Enter the name of your application (e.g. Training Post LMS), and then click “Create”. Once the application is created, you will be taken to the “Enterprise Application Overview” page.

Enable SSO for the application:

  1. On the Overview page of the application that was created, click “Single Sign On” in the left hand menu 

  2. Click “SAML”. 

  3. This will take you to the “Set up Single Sign-On with SAML” page.

  4. In the “Basic SAML Configuration'' panel, click “Edit”. 

  5. You will need to complete and save the following URL fields (found on the “Organisation > Single Sign On” page in Training Post) :

  • Entity ID = https://yourorganisation.trainingpost.com/sso/metadata

  • Reply URL = https://yourorganisation.trainingpost.com/sso/acs

  • Sign On URL = https://yourorganisation.trainingpost.com/sso/login

  • Logout URL = https://yourorganisation.trainingpost.com/sso/logout

Next, you need to tell Training Post about your Active Directory service.

  1. In Training Post select “Organisation > Single Sign On”.

  2. Toggle on “Enable Single Sign On”.

  3. Enter the following details from the Application you just made in Active Directory:

    • Login URL

    • Azure AD Identifier

    • Logout URL

  4. Click “Save”.

All users in your organisation can now use SSO to log in to Training Post. 

Owner and Support users can use SSO or log in to Training Post directly by clicking “Direct Login for Organisation Owners/ Support Users”.

NB: Change password will be unavailable to Reporter and User-type users on Organisations where Single Sign On is enabled.