Modifying assignment details

In order to edit an assignment, it must be selected from the assignment list. You will then be taken to the details page of the assignment. The details page displays the assignments title, available to and from dates, the assignment due dates, edit users, edit courses and an option to delete it.

Tip Adding and removing courses and users from the assignment follows a similar procedure in the Adding Courses and Adding Users section.

Click "EDIT ASSIGNMENT" to bring up the assignment details modal. This model will allow you to change the assignment's title and critical dates. These dates are:

  • Available From - Set the first date that the assignment becomes visible to the assignment's user. This is set to be the day of the assignment's creation by default. The assignment becomes available on the Available From date at 00:00 UTC.
  • Due Date - Set the final day when assignment submissions are still considered submitted on-time. Assignment submissions are considered late when submitted after 23:59 UTC of the Due Date. Assignments submitted after the Due Date will be counted as late. This is set to "NONE" by default. Set it to "NONE" to remove Due Date from the assignment. This section will also show how many days in advance that the Assignment Due reminders are sent
  • Available Until - Set the final day that the user can still have access to the assignment. The assignment will cease to be available on the day  at 23:39 UTC. This is set to "FOREVER" by default. Set it to "FOREVER" to allow the assignment users access to the assignment course until further notice

NB Editing the Due Date will affect whether a user's submission is considered "late" e.g. a "late" course attempt would be remarked as "on-time" should the Due Date be edited to a date before that late submission's date. 

When changing these values it is useful to make note of the help text to ensure the assignments access behaves as expected, clicking the forever button will make the assignment available indefinitely. 

Please be aware that removing a course or user from the assignment will prompt a warning that any assignment data related to the course will be deleted from the assignment and the related user(s). Click CONFIRM when presented with this warning modal to confirm your decision; Click CANCEL to be returned back to the previous modal with your current pending changes intact.

Deleting the assignment

Clicking on the DELETE ASSIGNMENT button from the assignment details page will load a confirmation window, allowing you to cancel the deletion of the assignment if needed.

NB This action will permanently remove the assignment from the organisation and remove any data related to it, including the progress of particular learners on modules contained within the assignment.