Adding an image header

Images can be used to quickly set the tone for the course. Provider Courses can be set to show a header image in the Organisation's course details page (where the user launches the course). This image is an optional and appears in the top panel of the course description.

To set up a header image, navigate to Provider Course list. Select the course you would like to add a Header image to. Click the "EDIT COURSE" button in the Information panel. In the following page, scroll down to the Header Image option and here you can upload either the PNG or JPG file that you wish to show to users when they are on the course details page.

Tip The image has to be of dimensions 1108 pixel by 250 pixel, and of either PNG or JPG format. The system will only accept files that fulfil these conditions.

Once the image has been selected, click SAVE. You will then be brought back to the course details page.

Downloading and modifying an image header

Should you wish to change the image header, follow the same steps to the Edit Course menu. In the following page, you can upload a new image in a process described in the Adding an image header section. Once you have uploaded the new image, click SAVE to confirm the changes. If you wish to continue using the current image instead of the newly uploaded image, click CANCEL.

In the event that you want to remove header image, click DELETE. On the confirmation modal, click DELETE again to confirm the removal of the header image. The image will no longer be shown on any courses to organisations that have access to the course.

It is recommended that you download a copy of the image before confirming the deletion. You can do so by clicking DOWNLOAD. This will open the image in a new tab where you can right-click and save the image into your device.