You can modify aspects of Organisation Modules after adding them to Provider Courses.

You can edit an Organisation Module’s file and text fields by clicking the “EDIT” button on the modules row. In the next page, you can change the module’s title and description field and upload a new file. Click “SAVE” to confirm the changes, and if a new file has been selected, begin the file upload process. 

The order of Organisation Modules can be changed by clicking “REORDER MODULES”. In the following modal, drag and drop the module rows to the desired positions and click “SAVE”.

Finally, you can delete an Organisation Module by clicking “DELETE” on the module row. You will be presented with a confirmation module asking whether you are certain that you wish to delete the module. Click “DELETE” again to confirm your decision and delete the module from the Provider Course.

Note: as with other content, deleting the module will delete any associated learner records.