As with most elearning, there is always the need to keep it up to date. First, let’s go to the course you would like to amend by clicking “Provider Courses” on the top menu. From the list of Provider Courses, select the course you want to amend. Scroll down to the Modules panel and continue with one of the following:

Editing a module

To update a module select the “EDIT” button on the right of the chosen module’s name. You will then be able to edit the Module title, amend the module's description. Where applicable, you can also replace the file. Please note that the module's type cannot be changed here e.g. you cannot change SCORM-type module into a PDF-type or Embeded-type of module.

To replace and update the module file, select the “BROWSE” button in the file upload section. Select the new file that you wish to replace the old one with and select the “UPLOAD” button.

When you have finished editing your Module select the “SAVE” button on the bottom right of the page to confirm and upload your new file (if adding). Similar to when you add new modules, you will also see the File Import Status indicator. It will change to COMPLETE on success or ERROR if something went wrong. Please see our Article on How to set up Provider Courses for more information. 

Reordering modules

You can also reorder modules by using the “REORDER MODULES” button at the bottom of the Modules panel. This brings up a modal window where you can drag and reorder your modules if they are out of sequence. When you are finished, click the “SAVE” button.

Deleting a module

Should you need to delete a module, you can do so by going to your module in the Modules panel and clicking on the “DELETE” button on the right hand side. A modal window will appear with the title of that module to make sure you are deleting the right module. If you are happy to proceed, select the “DELETE” button to confirm. 

NB When you delete a module you will be permanently deleting all the data associated with this module for all Organisations using it.