Provider Courses are a great way of sharing your elearning portfolio with clients when setting up their Organisations. The complete collection of your Provider Courses can either be added when setting up an Organisation or you can choose to customise the courses available to give a more tailored experience depending on your clients needs.

To set up a Provider course select “Provider courses” on the top menu. On the page that follows select the “ADD COURSE” button from the top right of the Provider courses panel.  

Add course information

Here you can add a title, choose a category and add a description for your course. If you have an idea how long it will take people to complete the course you add a typical time for completion (in minutes). And lastly, by default, courses are set to issue a Certificate on completion of the course. If you don’t need a Certificate for your course simply switch the toggle button off. 

When you are finished, click the “NEXT” button. You will be taken to the page where you can upload a SCORM file as the first module of your course. Once uploaded, you can preview it, and if you're all happy, select the "SAVE" button. 

You will then be taken to your course’s overview page which includes the details you have just added. It also displays further options, such as uploading a custom certificate (if needed).

Adding a module

A course will require at least one elearning module for it to be usable by Organisation users. However, courses can contain multiple modules of varying types. This can allow for more flexibility when creating and designing course content.

To upload further elearning content, click the “ADD NEW MODULE” button in the Modules panel then select “Elearning” from the options presented. 

Add a title for your module and description. Click the “BROWSE” button and select your SCORM zip file. Once complete, click the “SAVE” button. This will then begin the upload for you and display the progress as a percentage of completion. The page will then display the import status bar. The status will eventually change to “COMPLETE” on success or “ERROR” if something went wrong. Click "SAVE" again and you will return to the course's profile page once more.

If you get the error status, please check that the course file is:

  • a SCORM file, and not the editable source files for course creation

  • using SCORM version 1.2 - this is by far the most common and the one used by Training Post, but other versions do exist

  • 300MB or less - please contact us if you need to upload larger file sizes.

If you are setting up multiple modules, repeat this process until your course is complete.

Once your new module is added, you will be presented with a few new options. You can Reorder Modules as well as set a Scoring Module.

Setting a module for certificate scoring

Upon a user completing the course, the score of the scoring module will be displayed in the course detail page for the user and on the certificate. For Provider Courses, the final status or score will be shown once all modules have been opened and completed. Providers can set which of the course's modules will be shown as the final score or course status. 

In addition to this, the Provider Course will only be available to be in an Organisation's enabled Provider Course list when a SCORM-type module is set as the Provider Course's scoring module (i.e. a PDF module cannot be set as the scoring module). 

To do this, navigate to the Provider Course’s detail page. Under the Modules panel, click “Set scoring module”. 

The resulting pop-up will list all the modules in that Provider Course, though only SCORM courses will have a tick box next to them. Select the SCORM course module that you wish to set as the course’s scoring module and click “SAVE”. A little target icon will appear next to the new scoring module.

NB Setting a valid scoring module is still required even when course certification is disabled.

Other module types

As alluded to in the previous section, Provider Modules allow for the upload of different module types. The currently accepted types are:

  • SCORM files
  • PDF documents
  • Embedded content

Organisation Modules

By default, Organisations are not allowed to add modules to a course. You can control if an Organisation can add extra Modules. To allow this, click on the "EDIT" button next to Organisation Modules. 

Here you can use the toggle to enable organisations to add modules as well as any information you'd like to include for the Organisation managers that would be overseeing these modules.

Default courses

Finally, to set any default courses, you need to return to the Provide Courses menu. 

Here, click on the "Edit default courses" button and use the Default Course toggle.