Organisation Managers may require help from time to time on specific aspects of Training Post. You can set the default contact details and help text for all Organisations under you in case they require further assistance from you. This can be found in “Settings > Custom Text”.

Manager help

When a Managers user requires further help, they can click this link to be redirected to the specified help page. When a url is set, this link can be found in the “Need help?” section.

Certificate help

Similarly, a  Manager can click this link to be redirected to a help page for setting up certificates when an Organisation Manager user requires help with Certification. When a url is set, this link can be found in the “Organisation Settings” section.

Privacy Policy URL

Organisations users may want to check the Privacy Policy. The link to the policy is located in the footer. You can set the url to go to your own privacy policy page. Leaving the field empty will redirect users to Can Studios’ privacy policy page.

Learner help

A block of text that is available to all Organisation users when they click “Need help?”. This can be whatever you deem helpful for the user e.g. urls to additional content, a course’s completion structure, the certification process, how to increase the number of remaining course attempts.

Billing Text

Similar to Learner help, you can leave text in the Organisation Billing area that can help Organisation Owners understand the billing aspects of Training Post.