Typically, users will be completing courses on their own. However, you may want to include a venue to allow discussion. For example, you want users to discuss ideas due to the nature of your course content, or allow them to ask and answer questions from their fellow course takers. 

To facilitate such actions, Training Post supports the use of discussions using the third party tool called Reply Box. Enabling Reply Box and setting up discussion modules on Provider Courses will allow users to access the course specific discussion (provided that the user has access to the course) and subscribe themselves to receive any new messages via email.

To Set up Reply Box on Training Post:

  1. Log into ReplyBox at https://getreplybox.com/ 
  2. You need to create a "site" with reply box to connect to training post. As a provider you only need one site for all the discussions across all your organisations. 
    • Click "Add site" and go to step 3.
    • If a test site already exists, click the site name and skip to step 5.
  3. Enter a name of the site (for reference only) and the root url of you provider domain (e.g. http://yourproviderdomain.com). Confirm and submit the form.
  4. Close the modal.
  5. In the "Embed" tab, note down the "Site ID".
  6. Under "Single Sign-On", toggle to "enabled". Note down the "Secret Key".
  7. Log into a Training Post Provider area. Navigate to "Settings" > "Third Party Tools".
  8. Enable the Discussion modules.
  9. In the "Replybox site ID" field, paste in the ID from step 5.
  10. In the "ReplyBox single sign-on secret key", paste in the key from step 6. Click "SAVE".

You can now add discussion modules to your Provider Courses in Training Post.

  1. Navigate to "Provider Courses".
  2. When adding modules, the option for adding a "Discussion" module will be available.
  3. Enter a title, description (for the module list) and introductory test (which appears above the discussion when opened).

Tip: Course completion will require the user to open the discussion module at least once.