You may want to have all associated Organisations to have a universal set of default branding. You can set the default images that are applied and displayed in an Organisation in “Settings > Branding”.

  • Favicon - The tab icon. Must be a 64 by 64 pixel image.

  • Default Certificate Background - The certificate image that’s given when a course is set to give certificates. Must be a 3508 by 2480 pixel image.

  • Dashboard Background - The background image shown in the course dashboard area. Must be a 1680 by 930 pixel image.

  • Logo - The default logo image shown in the top menu in the Organisation. Must be a 260 by 120 pixel image.

  • Login Image - The image shown in the login screen. Must be a 1800 by 1200 pixel image.

Once the image is uploaded, confirm these changes by clicking “SAVE”. If you want to download an uploaded image, click “DOWNLOAD” next to the corresponding image. Should you want to use the system default images, delete the uploaded image and leave the field empty. This can be done by clicking “DELETE” next to the corresponding image. 

NB Organisation Owners can upload their own images and override the provider images for the certificate, logo, and the login page.