The set up process for a Provider can take approximately a working day and goes something like this:

  1. You confirm a domain name that you would like for your organisations. We configure your domain name for you.

  2. You provide the contact details (email address and telephone number) for your main Provider user. You can also provide the email addresses for any other additional Provider user accounts that you may require.

  3. After we create the Provider user accounts, you can then access your Provider area via You can access your account by requesting a password reset and then logging in.

Once the Provider domain and associated Provider accounts are set up, we recommend doing a dry run so that you can familiarise yourself with Training Post, the Provider area and its uses. Here are some suggestions:

  • create a test organisation. Log in and see what an Organisation is from an Organisation user’s perspective. 

  • create Provider Courses for distribution amongst your Organisations. Enable Provider Courses within an Organisation’s profile page.

  • apply default branding onto Organisations within “Settings > Branding”.

From this point onwards, you can now start creating Organisations for actual clients. For further information and help, we have various guides to help you understand specific aspects of the Provider area.