The usual running order for set up goes something like this:

  1. confirm a domain name you would like for your client portals.
    1. We configure your domain name for you (< 1 working day)
  2. provide the contact details for your Provider Portal admins.
    1. We set up your portal admin users. (< 1 hr)
  3. login to the Provider Dashboard
  4. create a test client organisation (~3 mins)
  5. apply desired default branding options & review on the test client portal- optional  (< 1 working day)
  6. create a course (~15 minutes)
    1. enter title and description
    2. create course modules (SCORM elearning, PDF, forums etc)
    3. share the course with the test client
    4. review course in the client portal
  7. repeat for other courses

That's it your set up and ready for your first client.

Setting up a client takes a few minutes             

  1. create your client portal 
    1. fill in a simple form (~3 mins)
  2. share courses as desired (~1 min)
  3. if necessary:
    1. create a support user (~1 min)
    2. login as support user and import csv of users (~1 min)