It is possible for a user to launch a course without logging into Training Post by utilising a user access token. This limits the functionality available to the user to simply interacting with the course - viewing the course, launching/resuming modules, restarting the course and downloading the certificate.

Creating a User Access Token

This can only be done via the API. Go to "Organsation>API integrations" and selecting the "CREATE NEW TOKEN" button at the Get User Access Token endpoint - We also have more information on APIs via the "READ THE DOCS" button.

Generating Links with a User Access Token

Once a user access token has been created, it can be appended to a link for a course. For example:

This link can then be provided to a user to gain access to the course.

User Access Token Expiry

When creating a user access token, the API returns a tokenExpiry unix timestamp. The link must be used by that time in order for the user to be authenticated. Once a user has accessed Training Post via a user access token, authentication is dealt with by Training Post, so the token is no longer needed for the usual session duration.

Additional Parameters


If supplied, then when the user logs out they are redirected to the URL specified (should be url encoded)



If 'return_on_close' is set to true, the learner should be logged out of Training Post and redirected to the return_url on closing the course (rather than seeing the course description page).