Get an overview of learner progress across several courses by using the group report. 

You can do this by selecting “Report > Group Reports” from the top menu.

Here you can filter reports by Assignments, Course Categories and Groups. As shown below active filters are highlighted in yellow.

Group report with a filter selected

The filters work as follows: 

  • Selecting an assignment will restrict the users listed to those in the assignment, it will restrict the course list to those in the assignment and it will restrict the user attempts to those made in the context of the assignment.
  • Selecting scope will filter by course library, all assignments or a specific assignment. 
  • Selecting course categories will only show courses in the selected category.
  • Selecting a user group will only show users from that group.
  • Selecting multiple filters will result in a narrower set of results. e.g. If an assignment is selected which contained 100 users and a group is selected with just 10 users - the report will only show users who are in both the assignment and the group.

Tip: There are limits to how much content can be seen on screen. Consider dividing users into smaller and more manageable groups instead of relying solely on the All Users group. If your results selection is too large it is still possible to export the report selection as a CSV file which supports 10,000s of users and hundreds of courses, please note an export of this scale may take a few minutes to start downloading. 

An example of a colour coded group report

This report will show all the users in the selected group and their status on each course that they have been given access to. This is displayed in a table format with colour coded cells to indicate the user's status on each course.

Should you wish to export the data for the selected group report you can do so by selecting the "EXPORT REPORT" button at the top right of the page. This will download the data into a CSV file.

Tip: Do not shut the download modal or your file will not download.

Reporting status

The colour coding of the reporting cells gives you a quick view of how your learners are doing on that particular course: 

    Grey cells - not started

    Blue cells - in progress

    Green cells - completed

    Yellow cells - awaiting a response to a learner task that has been set.

If you would like to learn more about Learner Tasks you can do so in this article.

Tip: You can send an assignment reminder to users who have not yet completed the course(s) at least once by selecting the "SEND REMINDER" button.

Late submissions, expired certificates and removed users

The individual cells of the report table will also display icons to convey further information. 

Should the most recent or best attempt come from an overdue assignment, then a late icon will be displayed in the cells where late submissions have occurred or when the assignment course has yet to be launched.

For courses that give certificates with a limited validity period, the cell will display an expired certificate icon once the validity period has ended.

If a user has been individually added to an assignment then later removed the removed user icon will display. This way the users data can be retained even if the user is no longer part of that assignment. This is not the case if an assignment was initially set up using a group.   

Current Attempt Data or Best Attempt?

In most cases, learners can launch courses more than once. This can lead to a situation where they have previously completed the course, but it is currently in progress.

The toggle at the top of the screen lets you choose to see either the status of their best attempt or their current attempt. Best looks at all their attempts and uses the following order of preference:

Passed/Complete > Failed > In Progress > Not started