Users with the Reporter role can see a list of all the courses by selecting “Report > Course Reports” from the top menu. Clicking on the row for any course will show the course report. 

The course report contains two charts: 

  • The Activity chart shows information about course attempts over a 30 day period. You can change the date range using the “End date” picker above the chart.
  • The User Progress pie chart lets you see at a glance how many people overall have completed, passed or failed the course, still have the course in progress or have not started. 

The course report shows a list of all the users in the system and indicates for each user:

  • Status: Not started, In progress, Incomplete, Complete, Passed or Failed (courses that do not record pass or fail will just show complete). 
  • Score: If the course is scored then a percentage is shown.
  • Attempts: Indicates how many times the user has started the course.
  • Last completed: The date the course was most recently finished.
  • Actions: If the user has earnt a certificate by completing a course this will display here. This certificate can be opened and printed if desired. The date on the certificate will be the date the course was last completed (or passed).  

This list of users can also be filtered by selecting the categories Status, Score, Attempts or Last completed. You can also search for a specific user by typing their name into the “User” text field. Select the “Status” drop down menu to control which status you would like to filter by.